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    About Us

    For these two, a passion for home, furniture, and styling pieces that work together has been a constant theme in their lives. However, it was only recently (as in last year in 2019) that this passion developed into a partnership and now a reality in the home, furniture, and decor space....coming to life with the brand known as Okoa Home. 
    Let's take a look at how this all happened. From a very young age, Brian Ehlert loved to build and put things together. He comes from a family with a rich history of golf management and building. His grandfather was a home builder for 20 years and managed golf courses starting back in the 1960’s. His father continued the tradition as a home builder, and also built and managed several golf courses when Brian was younger. As such, Brian developed an early love of golfing and was exposed to the management-side of things for many years.

    Brian began a career as a custom home contractor, which he excelled at for over 14 years, with his work taking him throughout the Western United States and Canada. Among the prestigious projects that Brian headed is Siegfried and Roy’s estate in Las Vegas. His staples have always been hard work and being truly willing to do whatever is necessary to make the project work.
    While he had always loved the game of golf, Brian got the itch to return back to the business of golf. In 2008, Brian joined Windmill Golf Group and began managing and operating multiple golf courses in Calgary before becoming a managing partner of the Wilderness Club in 2011. In 2015, Brian and his father, Ron, purchased the Wilderness Club from their partners and Brian is now the full-time owner and manager. He also during the time from 2011 to now, developed relationships with many furniture suppliers/manufacturers and is the lead designer for the stunning Wilderness Club cabins and cottages.

     It was at the Wilderness Club in 2019, where the idea that is now Okoa Home began to form and take place. Cara, similar to Brian, has always had a knack and love for taking pieces in her home and putting them together in a unique way that creates magic. During the Spring/Summer of 2019, her and Brody were in the process of building their current home and deciding with her designer on how to best style and furnish their home was at the forefront of Cara's mind. That summer, Cara, Brody, and their entire family had the opportunity to visit the Wilderness Club and there met Brian. It was during that week that Cara and Brian began to discuss their shared love for home, furniture, and decor and realized the similar tastes and styles that they mutually had. And as they say, from there... the rest is history. Both Cara and Brian, and other members of the future Okoa Home team decided to form a partnership to create a brand/company in the home/furniture space. After about a year of hard work and time spent on creating their first collection, capturing content, revisions, travel, furniture market shows, more travel, more content capture and more revisions, the brand Okoa Home was ready to come to life. We are so excited to bring the first of many collections to the world and look forward to each of you being able to see and add a little bit of Okoa Home to your own home. We hope you love it as much as we do!!